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There are 3 ways to obtain the first issue:

1) By clicking here you can purchase it as a .pdf download for US$6 (from ip3design.com). In order to save you download time, we set it up as a compressed file, so it will look good on your screen but will not print very well. (If you try to print it in color, you will waste a lot of ink and paper with such a poor outcome that you will wish you had just bought a printed copy.)

2) By clicking here you can purchase a printed copy from Lulu for us$25.23 plus shipping. This would make a great gift – something special that a person can hang on to for a very long time, and even use it to learn to read Armenian/English.

3) If you cannot pay US$6 to purchase a download for any reason, then click here for a free download of the book.

Just to remind our readers, this is a labor of love for us – we are all volunteers – every penny will be used to keep the project going. To learn more click here.

Please keep in mind that we are open to suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas or if there is anything we can do to help you.

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